Degree Type: 

Bachelor of Science


Department of Chemistry

Modes of Study: 


About Programme: 

Chemists play a crucial role in mining companies. They also play roles in the field of health, undertaking research into drugs for cure of diseases like cancer. Their work results in the development and bulk production of products like washing powders, rubbers, plastics, paint, and vaccines, among others. 
You can also be employed as: 
 Chemist with Pharmaceutical companies

  Chemistry teacher

 Soil chemist/scientists

 Laboratory researcher

 Work at industries

Entry Requirements: 

Applicants must obtain passes in Chemistry, Physics and either Elective Mathematics or Biology. 

Career Opportunities: 

The B.Sc Chemistry programme covers the composition and mechanism behind all tangible and observable materials that can be seen with the naked eye. Scientists believe that all observable materials are made up of small tiny particles called atoms. The programme teaches student how the atoms which cannot be seen with the naked eye interact to produce the objects that are seen. Our students are taught how to measure the fractions of the different kinds of atoms, the rate of the reactions within the materials, as well as their chemical properties. It is both a laboratory and a field-based programme in which the Chemist get to the ground, gathers materials, and takes them to the laboratory for analysis. Students are trained in various branches of chemistry including inorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, as well as physical chemistry. The programme seeks to imbibe an understanding of the effects that the application of temperature and pressure can have on the transformation of solids, liquids and gases in students.